BlackBerry 10 – Launch Day Arrives

RIM.BlackBerry.Logos_.180pxWhen I had dinner with RIM’s Alec Saunders last fall, I told him the launch day would be between Jan. 23 and Feb. 1. He asked how I knew. I had just rebooked my vacation tour of Costa Rica that I had to cancel last winter. The next week January 30 was announced as the launch date. And I remain thankful to the modern medical miracle that allows me to watch the launch event this morning from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

I’ll post about BlackBerry 10 over the weekend but as background I want to recommend two recent and significant posts.:

Chris Umiastowski at provides both the history and feature set of QNX, describing why it presents some unique opportunities as the real core asset for RIM’s future:

History of QNX and its Implementation in BlackBerry 10

In 2000, almost 20 years after the first version of QNX hit the market, the QNX team had completely re-written the OS and launched Neutrino. As Dan Dodge describes it, “QNX is used in systems where the cost of failure is very high”. The Neutrino operating system is used to control huge Cisco Internet routers, lighting and equipment for huge Las Vegas shows, slot machines, windmill turbines, and nuclear reactors, just to name a few markets.

BB10Keyboard_thumb.jpgRandy Cheng’s interview at CNet with Alec Saunders provides the full story on the evolution of the Blackberry 10 Developer Relations program and why we can expect to see over 70,000 apps announced for the launch:

Meet the man who would make BlackBerry apps cool

Saunders has embraced a concept that RIM had long ignored: that developers and a healthy app “ecosystem” can make or break an operating system. He’s tried to make the company more accommodating and responsive to developers. It’s the touchy-feely stuff RIM execs never thought was important.

My recent series on BlackBerry 10 provides some additional background; today represents the opportunity to get the full picture. You can see the RIM employees’s excitement building on Twitter and Facebook. Alec’s Developer Relations team, along with the entire RIM team under new CEO Thorsten Heins, deserves kudos for bringing together the infrastructure for what has to be one of the most complex technology company recovery efforts ever.

The final measure, of course, is user adoption. A new adventure for RIM begins.

I’ll have more to say on the launch information over the weekend; meanwhile back to completing a long overdue personal vacation. I will also be reporting on how I managed to stay in touch relying totally on WiFi connections for the entire 10 days; no roaming charges allowed! And there’s an interesting BBM Voice story in there.

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