Monday Morning Recap

With the first full weekend of September and lots of upcoming conference and seminar activity, we found some interesting posts over the weekend:

Andy Abramson challenges Yahoo execs to admit that "Yahoo isn’t talking".

John Musser at comments on an interview by Sean Ammirati at Read/WriteTalk with Twitter co-founder Biz Stone about the almost dominating role of the Twitter API’s in Twitter’s success:

Two things that jumps out is that Biz’s comment that the API has 10x the traffic of the website and that of all that’s happened with Twitter in the past year that “the amount of activity around the API has been the most surprising experience”.

One of the three specific API’s mentioned in John’s post is Skype to and from Twitter. (Thanks to Julian Bond for the heads-up on this via one of our ongoing Skype Group Chats.)

Ever wonder who dominates the mobile smart phone market? Check the graph at Om’s Who’s Afraid of Apple & Google? Not Symbian. Seems like Nokia dominates everywhere but North America where RIM (Blackberry) and Windows Mobile share market leadership. Certainly says why the folks at SlingBox are beta testing SlingPlayer for Symbian at the moment with release expected within the next few weeks. And it will be interesting to see how the Skype ecosystem evolves in the Symbian market with IM+ for Skype, iSkoot and Fring emerging as players.

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