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Andy Abramson at VoIP Watch travels a lot to keep up with his ever expanding list of clients. And he has been having his home office renovated for the past few months. So he gets more experience than most of us dealing with all the trivia of travel, including keeping his communications costs down. Check out his post “Mastering Better Working Anywhere” for the details including:

7. For places you visit regularly, buy a pre-paid SIM card, avoid roaming rates. If you visit multiple countries get a travel sim from SIM4TRAVEL or MaxRoam. If you are in WiFi environments a lot, get an account with client Truphone. Bottom line is you will save money and be more connected.

He failed to mention his overall mobile strategy but Saturday he called me from a new Skypephone 2; I initially took the call on my Blackberry Bold (to which my Skype account is forwarded). Perfect call quality for a 5 minute conversation; when I arrived home we continued the call over my PC Skype connection with excellent voice quality. Andy thinks 3 sets the standard for carrier services; the final confirmation? He actually bought two Skypephone 2’s (the second one for his wife) on prepaid plans for a total of £99. His conclusion:

Bottom line, if you’re heading to the UK or any country 3 serves, you can expect this kind of a great experience. That makes 3 a Working Anywhere Approved carrier.

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